Michigan Sports Betting

In May 2018, a Supreme Court judgement lifted a US nationwide ban on sports betting. As such, the pastime is now legal in more than a dozen states. From coast to coast, sports betting is now available at racetracks, casinos, bookmakers, and even some lottery retailers. In December 2019, the Michigan Governor signed into law two bills that legalized betting online and betting on sporting events. On 11 March 2020, two commercial casinos in Detroit began taking bets. This was only a few days after the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, otherwise known as the March Madness. By the end of 2020, Michigan sports betting should be available online as well. It is, indeed, a fabulous time to be a Michigan gambling fan. Our experts at usbetting.xyz have put together this guide to help you keep up with the unfolding events. Read on for all things related to sports betting in Michigan.